About Us


Vincent Nurseries and Plant Centre is a well established family run business in Eddington Lane, Herne Bay. The business was started in 1947 by Philip and David Maunder, originally producing vegetables, chickens and pigs for the wholesale market.

Over the years the business has moved into retailing, however plants remain very much the core of the business. Many of the plants are produced on the 5 acre site, including basket plants, geraniums, fuchsias, bedding plants and shrubs. Plants are good quality and competitively priced.


The Shop

The Cats

We have 2 resident cats living on the Nursery, who can often be found amongst the plants and sundries in the shop. 


. Ralph we rescued back in 2012 so is getting on a bit now so tends to like his space, unfortunatley has been known to be a bit grumpy with customers, but does like cuddles on his terms.

. Penny was our feral cat who over the past year has spent more and more time in the shop, becoming braver and sometimes enjoying a cuddle from customers, she has become a very friendly girl but still slightly nervous.